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William Wynert, President and Founder of WMWSports.com, is originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. As many avid sports fans know, this is the hometown of what many consider the greatest sports movie ever filmed, Slapshot. It’s also the site of the Johnstown Flood, on record as one of the deadliest tragedies in American History.

Natural catastrophes and Sports… this is how WMWSports began. You may ask: How do natural catastrophes lead to sports predictions?

Well, for the past 10 years William has had a career as a Catastrophe Modeling Analyst for a major insurance company. This has entailed predicting potential damage assessments for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Floods, etc. The mathematical and analytical skills he learned led him to think… If a person can analyze and predict possible losses for major historical catastrophic events, why can’t a person adapt that into the sports arena?

As a sports fanatic, he became increasingly frustrated with the following on sports websites:

  • Finding a sports website that entailed a one-stop-shop for all pertinent data to properly analyze team/player rankings.
  • Power rankings (nearly all are subjective opinions, not based on calculations)
  • Complete defensive stats for the NFL and College Football.

His goal is to provide an entertaining environment that provides data on an informational basis to accurately predict results for every game played, as well as providing a full social media arena to chat with fellow sports fanatics. He has analyzed everything from (not a complete list) and the site will contain:

  • Player Rankings
  • Team Rankings
  • How injuries effect results
  • Home versus away factor
  • Results versus opponent rank
  • Strength of schedule
  • Winning streaks
  • Most recent results factor
  • Historical records versus opponent
  • Confidence levels of predicted results
  • Actual up-to-date & predicted Playoff brackets
  • Historical stats and full player bios (soon to be released)

He has been working on the weighing factors and calculations for over a decade. The accuracy to date has been excellent, however like any analysis, the algorithms are continuing to improve and become even more accurate. The feedback for further enhancements from colleagues, friends, and other sports fanatics has, and always will be welcomed.

WMWSports.com sincerely hopes that all of you enjoy what has been developed. If you enjoy analytics, watching and researching sports statistics, chatting with other fanatics and the thrill of an accurate predicted outcome, then this is the site for you. WMWSports.com will continuously strive to meet all of your requests and needs.


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